The Y-Princess and Y-Guides program has a rich history going back almost 85 years. This unique program is designed to strengthen the relationship between father and daughter/son. The emphasis is on spending regularly scheduled quality time together. It is time when the parent and child can give their full attention to each other. Time when they can learn to really appreciate and enjoy each other. Time when they can learn to relate in ways that will last a lifetime. This program is offered for fathers and daughters/sons ages 5-12.
Season: August – April

2017 – 2018 Program Year

Beginning with 1st Nation Eventon August 19th

Ending with the Final Nation Event in April 2018


Y-Princess Q&A

Who can participate in the Y-Princess program?

Fathers and  daughters, ages 5-12.

What happens when I join? 

New members are placed into “Tribes”- a group of 8-15 father/daughter pairs that live in a certain area or attend the same schools.

How much time will it take? 

About two to four hours each month. Tribes meet once a month for one to two hours at members’ homes on a rotating basis. Sometimes the Tribe meeting may be at an alternative location for a service project. The Y-Princess Nation also schedules one outing a month for all of the Tribes.

What kinds of activities are involved? 

Tribe meeting activities include games, songs, stories, crafts, and refreshments. In addition, each tribe plans special activities such as hiking, campouts, community service and cookouts.

Are there other activities involved? 

Yes. Nation Events, when all the tribes get together, examples include: campouts (that include archery, canoeing, fishing, swimming, hiking), Christmas Parade, dinner dance cruise, sporting event.

Can I join a friend’s Tribe? 

Yes, depending on available room in the requested Tribe.